Twice a year the club will meet for a members’ selection evening, where members can bring in three of their best images for a club members selection. A maximum of two images per author from each category can be selected. These evenings will be for both prints and PDIs (a scoring system will be set up, that is simple and easily calculated).
The selection committee will then view images drawn from the above. They will also be able to select images from additional work seen throughout the year. Due in part to the Gobal Pandemic, images for selection will be sent out to the relevant selection committee members for their appraisal, with a score sheet attached, this will then be sent back and the average calculated. Periodical meetings will be arranged when is practically possible.
The selection process will involve each image being viewed by the selection committee (at present sent by WeTransfer) who will score each image out of a maximum of five points (no discussion on each image will be passed at this point). These scores will then be added up after the viewing of all images has been completed; images with marks greater than 2/3 of the possible total will then be placed in the bank for potential future selection.
Four members scoring marks out of five will have a maximum of 20 marks and a minimum of 13.5 marks, then allows an image to be placed in the bank so Five members scoring marks out of five will be a maximum of 25 marks and with a minimum of (16.75) 17 marks then allows an image to be placed in the bank, the acceptance of these images allows them to go forward for further selection. Six members will have a maximum of 30 marks with a minimum of 22 marks allows them to go into the bank.
At this stage the images that make the grade will be used for the competition it was selected for. It will then be placed in a bank for use in a national competition if needs be. Only the best images will be selected for the relevant contest. All those that don’t make the grade will be discarded.
Images entered for external inter club competitions i.e. Carmarthen, Cardigan, Tenby, Kidwelly and our own 6 way battle, will only be selected once.
This year we will review entering any of the national competitions (WPF & PAGB)  i.e. (Stanley Chell, The Memorial, and Only Mono). Hopefully for the season starting September 2022 we will be in a position to again think about entering the above, providing we have work of a good enough standard to do so.

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